Sketchbook Skool

New project!!! This is an Internet school… it’s great, the instructors are from all over the world, I even know a few from the Urban sketchers symposium I took on 2011 in Santo Domingo. Here are the exercises from the first week. 

I’ll be posting my progress!!!




Watercolor and ink flowers

Experimenting with dropping multiple colors and finding shapes afterwards with the ink… “Lines outside the colors”!!! 

Some tangled doodles…

I found out that this exercises help in concentration, like meditation! So I’m giving it a try!!!




Some abstract doodling to loosen up a little. 



Love Park, Philadelphia

Soluble graphite and watercolors, never tried that graphite before… love it!



Chimoltrufia on watercolor

Few months have passed since my last post… lots of new things and changes. With them I intend to embrace sketching daily and experimenting with more media. Today I share a composition inspired by my new cactus Chimoltrufia. It’s made on 9″x12″ 140lb. cold press Strathmore Windpower watercolor paper. The color part is watercolors and for the frame I used carbon black liquitex ink.


My first caricature!!!



Recently my husband Luis found a Facebook page dedicated to puertorican caricaturists, each week there’s an open caricature competition.  At the end of the week people vote for their favorite and the winner gets to pick the next local celebrity to be drawn the next week.  Luis has been really dedicated this past weeks participating, but I wasn’t able to do it until now… also I wasn’t so confident, so I spent some time reviewing the Facebook page, internet sites, some books and of course watching him do his own.  Finally today I decided to dedicate the day to my first attempt.  This week selection is Deddie Romero, a puertorican singer.  First I looked up on the internet for many photos of her… the idea was to identify her recurrent expressions and to observe her particular features.  I started sketching loosely her head and facial features, then the body.  Then I scanned the drawing and scaled it to fit in the paper size I wanted to use, added the lettering -I decided to use a computer font so it wouldn’t distract from the actual drawing- then I printed the original sketch very light on a cardstock and then proceeded to work over it with colored pencils.  I am really proud of my work and enjoyed the process a lot.

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